Lehigh Valley Beer Week is about to turn 10 years old!

Lehigh Valley Beer Week is about to turn 10 years old!

Wow! As we are about to achieve this milestone of 10 years of beer week, it seemed like a good time to stop and reflect back on the past 10 years.

There have been soooooo many awesome Lehigh Valley friends that have made a huge impact on the success of Lehigh Valley Beer Week. Too many to mention (although I might try at some point, but I fear I’ll miss a few).The combination of the hard work that these fine folks put into LVBW and the extreme LOVE FOR CRAFT BEER that lives in our awesome community is what makes LVBW a success each year. And, one thing is for sure, we definitely couldn’t do this without you!

I’ve been fortunate enough to remain on the Board of Directors for LVBW since the inception of LVBW 10 years ago. And during that time, I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Our current board members: Anna Dale, Jim Flynn, Curt Keck, Keith Plunkett, Craig Phillips, and Pat Loquasto. And retired members: John Dale, Jeff Fegley, Nima Hadian, Larry Porter, Chris Bowen, Scott Adams, and Josh Bushey. I mean, come on! Talk about a rockstar crew!

We’re also proud to say that our Official LVBW Beer that’s brewed each year “Guildy Pleasure,” comes from our partnership with The Lehigh Valley Brewers Guild. Each year, amazing Lehigh Valley Brewers combine forces to create the most delicious beer and spread its deliciousness throughout 30 plus LV venues.

I’ve had the good fortune to witness some really amazing events over the years. The events that stick in my memory are the ones that really brought people together that might not have thought a Beer Week was their thing. Events where so many of the incredible groups in the Lehigh Valley came together in the name of Craft Beer, Fun and Community . Events that showcased Live Music, Art, Comedy, Charities, Animals, Food, Guest Speakers, and a million other things.

So, now what?? Well.. if there was ever a year to get out, try some new things, and celebrate our community, this is the year!

May 14 to 21st. That’s 2 weekends of Spring where our venues are pulling out all the stops! So many new beers being tapped, and so many new friends to be made!

Stay tuned to our website and social media to pick your favorite event (or a couple), and come on out!

A million thanks to the thousands of people that come out each year to support craft beer in our community. I can’t wait to share a toast with you in a few weeks!!